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Company Profile

—WinFan Malaysia was established in Oct, 2013 to promote WinFan Technology (Taiwan) products in Malaysia.—Corrosion Resistant FRP fans from WinFan Taiwan is certified by AMCA ( Air Movement and Control Association International. Inc.) In  August, 2017, we start to locally assembled smaller capacity Corrosion Resistant Fan in Penang under technical support by Winfan Technology ( Taiwan).

With this initiative, we will able to offer our high quality fan at more competitive pricing. 

FRP Centrifugal Fans

Our main products are corrosion resistant FRP fan that we source from WinFan Technology (Taiwan). These products are used for corrosive fume/gases exhaust and transfer to air treatment unit.

Scrubbers Parts

—We are selling scrubbers parts such as scrubber  PP packing, PP spray nozzles and scrubber PP/FRP grating. —We also supply Differential Pressure Gauge, Thermometer, PVC mesh demister, PP diaphragm type pressure gauge, PP bolt and nuts, PP float valves etc. —We are delightful to source for specific customers requirement from oversea.

Centrifugal FRP Fan Servicing

•Winfan Malaysia is pleased to provide the following fans servicing scopes to the industry:
•Fan Balancing
•Impeller Cleaning
•Bearing Replacement
•Belt and Pulley Replacement
•Others services open discussion

Gas/Air and Water Pressure Measuring Instruments

We also supply PP pressure gauges with Viton diaphragm, Differential Pressure gauges with and without translitter, Adjustable air differential pressure switch, Digital pressure transmitter. All above products is from Taiwan

VOC Gas Treatment

We also can supply Reactive Cyclone POU scrubber and VOC treatment system by Catalistic Oxidizer that can treat Chlorinated hydrocarbon, oligmer, alkanes, ketones, aromatics, aldehydes, alcohol and NOx gases.


—HORIMEM UF modules  is manufacture by Shanghai Horizontal Membrane Technology Co. Ltd —The Modules materials are modified PAN/PES for better aqua affinity

FRP Pultrusion Products

—We represent a local pultrusion company in marketing their products. —The products is manufactured locally and readied stock for faster delivery. —We have products such as angle bar, round tube, square and rectangular hollow section, flat bar, solid rod, channel, I beam, fluted rod and tube, pultruded grating etc.

SS 304 Emergency eye wash/shower and Pipe clamp/ channel

Our produts are of good quality and readily available

========================Our Products========================


FRP Centrifugal Fans

Our main products is Corrosion Resistant FRP Fan from Winfan Taiwan.
This products is super-powerful, high efficient and energy saving.
Varies fan configuration cater for defferent space needs.
Fans are designed by  intergration of computer hydrodynamics, CAD,CAM and computer aided software resulting in a more effective, reliable, secure and endurable qualities products.

WinFan Malaysia Fan Servicing

Winfan Malaysia is pleased to provide the following fans servicing scopes to the industry:
  • Fan Balancing
  • Impeller Cleaning
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Belt and Pulley Replacement
  • Others related services upon discussion