About Us

Servicing Equipments Available:

  • Balancing Machine
  • Vibration Tester
  • Bearing Heater 
  • Bearing Hydraulic Puller
  • Belt Tension Tester 
  • Air Flow Anemometer 
  • Sound Level Meter 
  • High Pressure Cleaner

Scrubbers Parts

  • —We are selling scrubbers parts such as scrubber  PP packing, PP spray nozzles and scrubber PP grating. —
  • We also supply Differential Pressure Gauge, Thermometer, PVC mesh demister, PP pressure gauge, PP bolt and nuts, PP float valves etc
  • —We have readied stocks on certain fast moving model —
  • We are delightful to source for specific customers requirement from oversea.


  • —HORIMEM UF modules  is manufacture by Shanghai Horizontal Membrane Technology Co. Ltd
  • —The Modules materials are modified PAN/PES for better aqua affinity

FRP Pultrusion Products

  • —We represent a local pultrusion company in marketing their products.
  • —The products is manufactured locally and readied stock for faster delivery. —
  • We have products such as angle bar, round tube, square and rectangular hollow section, flat bar, solid rod, channel, I beam, fluted rod and tube, pultruded grating etc

SS 304 pipe clamp and channel

We offer SS 304 pipe clamp an channel.
Pipe clamp for pipe size of 1/2" to 6"

Emergency eye wash and shower

We offer SS 304 emergency eye wash and shower with foot paddle


—This UF modules is suitable for RO pre-treatment, mineral water filtration, semi-conductor pure  water, wastewater reclaim, wine refinery, pharmaceutical grade  pure water manufacturing etc.

FRP Pultrusion Products

—The superior corrosion resistance and light weight attributes combined with ease of installation, superior  strength, high dielectric strength, low maintenance made FRP pultrusion products  a wise choice as replacement for steel.

Air flow meter and sensor

Able to measure air flowrate in the scrubber ducting. Sensor using pitot tube principle. 

Meter shown flowrate is cfm or cmh. Sensor is made from PVDF.